Medical malpractice law

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This law regulates the rights between doctors and patients in situations when doctors or the persons who provides these services neglect their medical obligations towards the patients. All the states of U.S have its own personal set of laws which navigate this branch. This has contributed to the case described on this page.  The doctors’ behavior must meet certain “standard of care” and when this standard is breached the medical malpractice appears.

There are several type of medical malpractice and they include:

medical-detox-250x165When a doctor fails to set up the right diagnosis or delays the one, when he misreads the x – rays, when he prescribes the wrong medicine or therapy, when he doesn’t notify the patient about the risks and side effects or the drugs or the procedure, when he treats patient without his consent and when he makes an error during a surgery or childbirth.

doctor-stress011-e1409042428995These mistakes can be fatal for patients well-being and these mistakes are considered among the greatest regarding personal injury situations. The damages that patients suffer can be physical pain, unwanted medical costs, emotional suffering and some of them may even pay with their life. For doctors: they can lose their place in the hospital or institution where they work, they can lose their reputation and license or they can lose wages and payments. Much more severe action is that they can earn imprisonment.

Medical Malpractice Law

When it comes to a lawsuit, expert witnesses play a major role, because the jury sometimes doesn’t understand this complicated terminology so the experts are put to stand in front of the judge and explain for example how some surgery was conducted. They can offer their opinion, draw conclusions and explain what they have found. When an injured party want to hire an expert witness to stand on its behalf he should now that this type of action can substantially increase the costs of the lawsuit.

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Few things you should know about medical malpractice

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Over the years’ medical malpractice has become one of the major cause of deaths in the Sates and it take third place right behind hearts disorder and cancer.

How a person determines if he or she is a victim of medical malpractice?

advogado-e-médico-55326438At its basic meaning medical malpractice refers to inadequate care that doctor provides to a patient, in most cases you will have to prove your claim on court, because not all inadequate behavior can be connected with malpractice and sometimes the doctors will up knowledge their mistake and make an honest apology and you would be able to make a settlement.

When you suspect that you were the subject of medical malpractice, first thing you should do is to contact the malpractice attorney. He will review the details of your case from the beginning. Your lawyer must follow the certain procedure so the case won’t be dismissed on the courts.

stock-photo-6306201-stupid-mistakeThere are ways for patient to prevent medical malpractice and they are: he should always be well informed about his condition, he should fallow the documentation that he receives from doctors and if anything is unclear he should always seek explanation. The patient should always have the list of question ready that he thinks are important and asks his doctor. Case as stated by my sources drew a lot of media attention.

Many of medical cases are left unexplored because of the fear of the patients. They felt threatened and feared and they think that when other doctors find out about their medical condition they will refuse to treat them while others fear that lawsuit will increase their medical care costs.
When providing a health care, doctors should look at bigger picture, they aren’t just risking the life of the patient, they are affecting his mental condition and that has much bigger consequences further into a future.

Every patient should always look for a second opinion if he thinks that he is a subject of medical malpractice. Don’t ever be scared to find another doctor, because your health is at stake and if you think that you are neglected by your doctor you should seek retribution on the court.

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FGM (must be) outlawed

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FGM is an abbreviation for female genital mutilation, a notorious tradition of removal of some or all female external genitalia. FGM is performed on girl’s average 7 to 10 years old and it’s widely practiced in Africa, among Muslims and in some communities in Middle East.

Procedure is responsible for alarming rate of infant death, trauma and invalidity, not to mention emotional and psychological trauma it leaves behind. FGM is performed in several different ways, usually including removal of clitoris, labia or all genitalia, leaving a small opening for urine and blood. In addition to horror, procedure is done under unsanitary conditions, with no anesthetics.


Ideology and believes behind this tradition vary from religious to twisted moral standards of society. It is believed to be prevention of promiscuity, insurance of virginity, and a method helping women to keep their cleanliness. Back in a distant past people even tried to cure hysteria via this method. Whatever the motif is, this ancient harmful practice is widely condemned and countries still performing it are pressured to ban it by official state laws.
There was a global campaign triggered by some influential media and we’re finally witnessing significant results.

( latest news came from Gambia. The president of this country has made it official that this country will outlaw controversial tradition of FGM. Fortunately, Gambia isn’t isolated example. Several other countries followed this radical change scoring eighteen countries in Africa so far. On the other hand, it’s kind of shocking and discouraging to realize that it’s 21. century and all these countries still have a huge percent of their nations supporting this tradition. It is also in the Gambia are increasingly suffering from kidney. To get more information just navigate to this web-site.

Support is usually the strongest among clerics and highly conservative religious men, but surprisingly even among elder rich women. No dramatic change in the history has occurred easily or at once, and a simple change of law won’t be enough. It will take education of people, local initiatives and a strong commitment of governments to ensure implementation of the law. However, considering that more than 125 million women across the world have undergone this practice which causes severe harm to woman’s body and health, a fight for criminalization of FGM demands global commitment.

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